How to fix a plastic snap

I love my snap press. It makes me happy to attach great snaps to anything. Whether a diaper, or clothes, I know that the snaps will outlive the item that I'm making. Unfortunately I tend to fly through my projects sometimes, and that can make for some 'snappy' disasters. I frequently attach a snap backwards or in the wrong place. Then I'm stuck with it. What makes matters worse, is that snap attachment is almost always the last step to a project!
I have a new solution! I made a quicky tutorial video to show off the new way that I'm removing messed up snaps.

If you can't watch the video, here's the quick version.
My husband had a soldering iron in the garage that never got used. It has a pointy tip on the end and it gets really hot! If your husband doesn't have one, they are very cheap on amazon:

If you put the snap on wrong, simply heat up the soldering iron and put the pointy tip into the snap. It will melt. While it's hot, pull the snap part. It's that simple! It comes right off! Just be careful not to lay that soldering iron on anything in your sewing room or you'll have a melted or burned mess on your hands.

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