Everyone has a baby jumper pattern out there....but what about a big girl jumper pattern? Any kid that is over the age of 4 doesn't have homemade clothes anymore?
That kind of makes me laugh a little because when babies are small, the only time that you can sew is at nap-time. However, when a toddler becomes more of a kid, nap times becomes a thing of the past. Yet, the kids are more able to take care of themselves. Thus, shouldn't there be MORE sewing patterns for the older kids rather than babies?
I've seen few sewing patterns for up to size 10, but none for the larger 10 year old kids who are in a 12-14. I can't save the world from the injustice of not having enough kid sized downloadable sewing patterns online, but I can start to make them one by one.
The newest design that I have going right now is a reversible big girl jumper. It has an a-line shape that is knee length. The sizes are from 4-14. It is an exceptional fit on any kid that wears those sizes. My 4 girls (sizes 5, 7, 8 and 12) are all very pleased! The jumpers look exceptional on them all.
Here is Sadie wearing her new jumper.
I wish that I have more pictures of everyone, but alas, Sadie was my model for this pattern (and a beautiful model she is!). I love how this image accurately shows the knee length, and a-line form. Of course, that beautiful smile draws the attention away from the jumper though.

This picture is the same jumper, but reversed!
The reverse of this jumper is just as beautiful as the main side. It is an entirely new jumper. I wasn't kidding when I said it was like two dresses in one! She could honestly wear this jumper today and tomorrow wear the reverse. The neckline of the reverse jumper is superb. Check out the detail below.

Main fabric neckline

Reverse fabric neckline.

Lets be honest: is that the prettiest neckline that you have ever seen on a handmade/reversible jumper!? I think so! I'm a bit biased, but very pleased with the results all the same.

This is Sadie being silly about showing off the reverse fabric of the dress. Although silly, I do simply love the picture. Her face is remarkable.
Enough about the home-front. Let me tell you what this pattern will do for you.
  • It's a reversible jumper pattern that gives you two dresses in one.
  • The pattern pieces are printable from your home computer. 
    • There are only 9 pages to print for the entire jumper pattern. Yes. Only 9. I have made the pattern pieces in such a way that there will be less paper and ink waste of any pattern that I have ever made. Are you curious?
  • The jumper pattern is knee length but is very VERY easy to make longer adjustments for a tall kiddo
  • You can use buttons, snaps, velcro, safety pins or sew the shoulder straps into place.
  • My favorite part: the jumper pattern only takes a maximum of 1 yard of fabric per side (one yard for the main and one yard for the reverse). 
    • Yup, only 1 yard. I have a cutting chart in the tutorial to show you how to accurately cut the fabric so that you can get the most out of it too!
  • It's made for beginners. 
    • If you can thread your sewing machine, you can sew this jumper pattern.
  • I give you budget friendly ideas to make this jumper from next to nothing!
  • There are only 8 pages of tutorial, yet I made sure to put 33 real life images with excellent tutorial photos for you to follow my directions.

So honestly, do yourself a favor and try the big girl jumper pattern for your kids. It will be the 'go to' pattern in your sewing room.