The Pregnancy Pillow pattern is about to change

My pregnancy pillow sewing pattern that I designed in 2012 has had rave reviews. People in countries who cannot order pillows like these have especially told me of how they appreciate what a great pattern that this is. It has helped many mamas through their pregnancies when they didn't have another option.
Sadly though, the makers of a similar pillow have accused my design to be too much like theirs. Not that the pattern itself is a problem, but that I am "encouraging people to infringe on" their said patent.  I want  other wahms to feel free to sew any of my designs to sell without worry of infringement. Also, as a wahm myself, I absolutely do not want to be in a business rivalry, so I need to make a few modifications to my design.
I will look into this issue further, but for the time being, the current pregnancy pillow pattern will be retired as of July, 2013.
Although I love this design, I am forced to re-visit the pattern to try to adjust the shape so as to not infringe on any patents.
In the mean time, I would love to hear personal reviews of the pregnancy pillow pattern, the likes and dislikes, new ideas for a replacement pillow design and of course.....(drum roll)....Pictures! I would love to see some pictures of your pregnancy pillow that you have sewn from this or any other pattern.
Although it might take a while, keep a lookout for the next full body pregnancy pillow design. Someday I'll get another one out there. :)
UPDATE - The new pregnancy pillow pattern can be found here: 
New Pregnancy Pillow Pattern

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