Postpartum Pad Pattern is ready!

Elizabeth Singler
I finally have the cloth postpartum pad pattern ready to use! It includes a waterproof shell, insert and AIO postpartum pad pattern (doubles as an overnight pad). There are gussets to keep the first week messes into place as well as an INCREDIBLY absorbent insert (a whopping 8 oz).
how to make a postpartum pad

After a woman has a baby (postpartum), she needs quite a bit more flow protection than normal. Not only is postpartum...

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Postpartum Pad pattern coming up!

Elizabeth Singler

Postpartum Pad Pattern coming soon!

This postpartum pad pattern makes it easy and cheap to make your own soft, comfortable, and absorbent postpartum pads.
After countless hours of ideas, research and trials,  I have come up with a new idea - a new postpartum pad pattern. It will be available soon (hopefully next week) on my website,

What is bleeding like after birth?

I'm not...

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How to sew adult diapers

Elizabeth Singler

How to sew Adult diapers

If you or anyone you know has to wear disposable protection for incontinence (depends, tranquility, poise...etc), then you realize how expensive of an endeavor it can be to control the problem. Of course it is an apparent need, so why not “go green” and sew your own reusable adult cloth diapers?

The first step of 'how to sew an adult diaper' is going to be to decide what...

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