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   As I am pregnant and due with our 6th child in December, I can't stop thinking about what else I need to make or get before baby gets here. We aren't sure if we're having a boy or a girl yet, so many of my projects are going to have to wait.
One thing that doesn't have to wait though is a new baby sling. I have a million of them, but my tastes change from time to time, so it's nice to add to my...

When choosing a baby sling carrier, many people can only afford it makes them have to choose between a wide variety of options.

  • On a side note, if you are able to sew, we have a Baby sling sewing pattern package that includes the main 4 types of baby carriers so you won't have to choose...Make them all!
When people start researching baby carriers, they usually come across Ring Slings first.