Best Pregnancy Pillow Pattern - Coming up!

Elizabeth Singler
As I was looking at my blog traffic today, I came across a search of how to make a pregnancy pillow. I've heard about these strange looking contraptions, so I did a little research to find out more about them. WOW! I NEED ONE! As I'm in my 30th week of pregnancy right now, getting comfortable seems like a thing of the past, but this pregnancy pillow thing sure makes it look easy!

To see how my...

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Nursing Pillow - Do you need one?

Elizabeth Singler

Do I need a nursing pillow? What type should I buy?

This is often a question that people ask when they are getting ready to have a baby. If you have never nursed before, you might wonder if you will even be able to....and spending an extra $50 on a nursing pillow doesn't sound likely. So what is the point of having one anyway?
When I had my first baby, I didn't have a nursing pillow right away - and...

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Cloth vs Disposable diapers - Cost break down

Elizabeth Singler
Looking at the differences of Cloth vs disposable can be a daunting task. Here, you have information regarding cost differences that might blow your mind. Feel free to spend as much time staring at the screen as you need. :) We've all had that "Oh my gosh" moment.

Cloth Diapers -Cost Approx $120 One Time

Depending on the style of diaper you decide on, it could be as little as $120 or as much as $740...

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How to make an herbal tincture

Mamma Can Do It
Okay, I'll be talking alot about herbs from here on out, so you'll want to know how to do this.

The reason I make my own tinctures is that it saves me ALOT of money. Here an example:
I use Red Raspberry leaf tincture every day. I would spend approx $320 per year if I bought the tinctures to making them myself, I spend approx $7.00. Totally worth it! I've got the leaves in the backyard!


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