Postpartum Pad pattern coming up!

Elizabeth Singler

Postpartum Pad Pattern coming soon!

This postpartum pad pattern makes it easy and cheap to make your own soft, comfortable, and absorbent postpartum pads.
After countless hours of ideas, research and trials,  I have come up with a new idea - a new postpartum pad pattern. It will be available soon (hopefully next week) on my website,

What is bleeding like after birth?

I'm not...

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How to make bra extenders for free or cheap!

Elizabeth Singler
In this tutorial, I show you how to make bra extenders for free or super cheap. I needed a bra extender (pregnancy can be crazy on the clothes) and I figured out how to make one! Make one for free or for significantly less then store bought bra extenders.

Step 1. Determine what bras you need extenders for. How many hooks & eyes are on them? Usually it's 2 or 3. For this tutorial, I am using two.


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Free Diaper Insert Pattern (template)

Elizabeth Singler
Cloth diaper inserts don't have to be expensive. Make your own diaper inserts and diaper soakers with this free diaper insert pattern! If you make your own diaper inserts for pocket cloth diapers, it will save you a ton of money!
free diaper insert pattern
I have had quite a few questions on what type of fabric to make inserts out of. I have tried quite a few and I am convinced that bamboo and zorb make the best inserts....

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Pregnancy support belt - make a sewing pattern?

Elizabeth Singler
Lately I've been wondering about pregnancy support belts. I've looked for sewing patterns online and I can't find I think I should make a pregnancy support belt pattern!
As my comfort in this pregnancy decreases, I am finding that I would LOVE to have an 'extra set of hands' holding my belly up. I think a pregnancy support belt is my ticket to comfort. Maybe.
I've looked at some versions...

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How to make a Pregnancy Pillow

Elizabeth Singler1 comment
Making a pregnancy pillow is easy when you have a pregnancy pillow pattern!
Get comfortable regardless of how far along in the pregnancy you are. Support your head, neck, upper back, lower back, hips, chest and growing tummy with ONE pillow instead of 5.
When I was designing this pregnancy pillow pattern, I researched the most popular pregnancy pillows on the market. I saw what was great about the...

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