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Onesie Pattern - Babies sizes NB-36 Months

This is the story of how I came to design the onesie pattern. Actually, it's not a story at all - my baby didn't have enough onesies and they are so expensive that I wanted to make my own.
First I bought a pattern from Mccalls (I think). When I opened up the envelope I laughed out loud! My itty bitty baby was CERTAINLY not going to fit into that gargantuan thing! I should dig it out and line up my...

I'm just going to take a minute to talk about my baby pants pattern. It rocks. Not only does it sport multiple sizes, but there are two versions! One version is for cloth diaper wearers and another is for disposable wearers. To download the baby pants pattern, Click here.

baby pants pattern
Printable sizes included are:
0-3 Month
3-6 Month
6-12 Month
12-18 Month
18-24 Month
baby pants pattern

So out of all the baby pants patterns out...

Using pads for after birth can be daunting for some. Which pads work best after birth? Here is a great solution for all of the women out there who are wanting to know what are the best pads for after birth.
best pads for after birth

I know that I have written about postpartum pads before....but now that the newest addition of our family has arrived (Claire Belle), I have had the opportunity to test out the best pads for...

There isn't any reason you should pay for a diaper insert pattern. In this free diaper soaker tutorial you will learn my FAVORITE way to make these. My diaper inserts hold approx up to 14 of fluid if you use the recommended fabrics. This pattern makes a 13" long insert so it is a great one to use for any size baby or diaper. However, if you choose to make this longer or shorter, it's SOO easy to...

I finally have the cloth postpartum pad pattern ready to use! It includes a waterproof shell, insert and AIO postpartum pad pattern (doubles as an overnight pad). There are gussets to keep the first week messes into place as well as an INCREDIBLY absorbent insert (a whopping 8 oz).

how to make a postpartum pad

After a woman has a baby (postpartum), she needs quite a bit more flow protection than normal. Not only is postpartum...