Learn how to sew incontinence pads with this Incontinence Pads Sewing Pattern!

Sewing your own incontinence pads is fast and easy. Don't spend a lot of money purchasing them premade when you can make them yourself cheap and easily. If sewing instructions could get easier, this pattern has them all beat. Whether you are just beginning to use cloth, or if you are advanced, you'll love these sizes too. They fit perfectly without all the added bulk.

This pattern is for 'light' incontinence issues. If you need a pattern for full incontinence support, please see our adult incontinence diaper pattern.

If you are worried at all about how clean them, check out our article onhow to care for incontinence protection.

This Sewing Pattern & Tutorial Includes:
  • 3 Pattern Sizes for light days to overnight.
  • Step by step directions with crisp, real life images for each step
  • Helpful hints to make pads 'fancy or cheap' depending on budget.
  • Helpful hints to make the pads to suit your 'flow' needs and wants.
  • 100% Support from a professional seamstress


Unique pad design will keep you dry and comfortable

  • Our unique and practical style of incontinence pads are perfectly sized. 
  • 3 sizes to choose from, depending on your needs.
  • Wings with a snap, velcro or pin will keep your panties dry.
  • Use fabric that will keep things leak free, or use 100% cotton if you have a light flow. 
  • Folds up and snaps together nicely for 'on the go'.
  • No bulk design will keep you comfortable.
  • No Serger needed 


Extremely easy to sew..even for the 'first time' sewers

A picture is worth a thousand words....and we have a large, crisp & colorful image for every step. Not only that, but our explanation of each step will never leave you guessing.


 Quick to put together

The first pad will take about 20 minutes to sew for a beginner level sewer. 

After that, you'll be pumping out 7-8 an hour.


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Incontinence Pads Sewing...

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