Sew Cloth Diapers for Special needs

Sewing cloth diapers is fast and easy. This design comes with 4 sizes. These sizes range from waste/hip (whichever is larger) 22-58". The small size fits youths perfectly! A great option for older children who have nighttime incontinence issues. Yet, the larger sizes comfortably fit adults. This special needs cloth diaper design is comfortable like a breif, yet will hold in any type of mess.

This special needs diaper pattern has the option of an AIO (all in one) or a POCKET style. An AIO is a diaper that has the soaker built into it. A POCKET is a style of diaper that has an opening for putting a soaker inside of it before use. The benefit of an AIO is that the wearer (or caregiver) would not have to worry about stuffing the diaper before use. The benefit of a POCKET is that the wearer would have complete control of how much absorbency is placed into the diaper depending on their individual needs.

The side snapping design allows the wearer to use like briefs. However, if there is a mess, it is very simple to unsnap! 

This Special needs Sewing Pattern & Tutorial Includes

  • Professional Printable pattern pieces from a home printer.
  • Size Chart and Supply List
  • Helpful hints on how to use snaps
  • Helpful hints on how to use many types of fabrics
  • Helpful hints on how to sew with PUL (leak-proof fabric)
  • Directions on how to make an AIO (all in one) or POCKET style diaper
  • Directions on how to make a soaker that fits perfectly in this design (holds 10 oz)
  • Hints on how to add more/less fabric for a custom soaker to suit the wearer's needs
  • Helpful hints on how to make an AI2 (a diaper that doesn't include a leakproof barrier)
  • Step by step directions with real life images for each step
  • 100% Support from a professional seamstress

Unique Special needs Diaper design 

  • Fits older youths to adults with a waste/hip size of 22-58"
  • Use side snaps for a secure breif like fit
  • Hidden elastic in legs
  • No bulk design will keep the wearer comfortable
  • No Serger needed 

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NOW AVAILABLE: Hard Copy Pattern Booklet 

I wanted to help everyone that I could, so I also made a hard copy, Swaddle Blanket pattern booklet. This booklet is perfect for those who do not have access to a printer. You get the same, wonderful step by step tutorial, and pattern pieces in the booklet. 

Adult Cloth Diaper Pattern Booklet available on Amazon
Special Needs Cloth...

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