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New affiliates

The affiliate program at Mamma Can Do It is easy to sign up for if you love my patterns. If you are a blogger, pinterester, instagramer or own a facebook account, this is an excellent way for you to make sales with other seamstresses!

I'd also like to encourage you to post lovely pictures of your creations on my facebook group. Anyone can join! Join Group! Once you are an active member on my facebook group, I might contact you about special sales and new patterns for testing!

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Existing affiliate?

Log into your MCDI Affiliate account. New users, please register.

How Does it work?

Show off a picture of your project on any social platform. Make sure that the picture includes your special link to my affiliate program. When someone purchases something from my website by clicking your link, you get a percentage of the sale (25%). The link stays active for 7 days, so you can make lots of money per post! You will be given a login link so that you can track your commissions and payouts all month long. It's a great way to earn some extra cash! Example: You purchase my baby leggings pattern. You make a pair of cute baby leggings and take some adorable pictures. You share the picture on facebook (because you would anyway!), and include your affiliate ID. Someone else sees your picture and clicks your link. They purchase items and you make some money!

Commission Pay Scale | Percent of the sale paid to you the affiliate

Tier 1 = 25% 
Tier 2 = 30% Affiliates with more than $150 in sales per month qualify for Tier 2 the commission rate

Rules for the program

  1. Please do not post the affiliate link on mamma Can Do It social pages
  2. Commission rate is currently 25% net for every order.
  3. Commissions are paid on the 1st Tuesday after the sale is made. For example, if you made a sale on 25th November, you will receive the payment on 1st Tuesday of December.
  4. Affiliates must have a valid PayPal account to receive commissions.
  5. Mamma Can Do It affiliate program utilizes a 7- day cookie to record referrals. That means that if someone buys within 7 days of clicking on your link, you will be credited.
  6. Mamma Can Do It reserves the right to reject or remove any affiliate as we deem appropriate.
  7. Please do not use your own link to purchase Mamma Can Do It patterns and receive an affiliate commission. 

Some places to start affiliating

  1. Use Facebook! You would post a picture anyways. :)
  2. Pinterest baby!
  3. Instagram (#Mammacandoit or #MCDI)
  4. Twitter
  5. Your blog
  6. Someone else's blog
  7. Sewing pattern question & answer sites

Get on the Affiliate group email

And you need to get the Affiliate Group email! We'll keep you supplied with the info you need on upcoming pattern releases, discounts, freebies, and contests.