Caring for Dish Covers is easy peasy 

If you haven't yet, you are getting ready to sew a stash of adorable dish covers...and you're starting to wonder if it'll be worth it because you have to wash them...and how do you wash PUL anyway? 



  • Put a cover on a dish & it gets dirty
  • Wipe it off with a wash cloth if you can and put it back in the drawer
  • If you cannot wash it off, put it in the coordinating colors of your every day wash.
  • Dry either on the clothesline or in the dryer...whichever is your everyday routine
  • Use again and again and again


Pretty easy huh? Don't worry about the PUL. It's perfectly safe to wash and dry as many times as you possibly could. 

I always try to wipe mine out. I use the covers every day and I hate running out.