Supply List

I will often have customers ask me where to purchase supplies. These are my favorite places that I personally buy from. I look for a good deal, but I also look at the company as a whole.

This is my personal list where I purchase my supplies. 

    • Cloth Diapering fabrics: PUL, Zorb, Terry Cloth, Bamboo, Hemp, Microterry, alova suede, and Athletic Jersey
      • Http://
      • (PUL only)
    • Elastic
      • 1/4" braided (8 yards): Amazon
      • 1/4" braided (144 yards): Amazon
    • Flannel
    • Plastic Snaps & Snap Press/Pliers
    • Sling Rings
      • (kind of a quirky site. Great for large quantities.)
      • Slingrings also sells on amazon (less quirky of a site)
    • Knit fabrics for clothing or baby wraps
    • Walking foot

Some of the links are an affiliate link. Please note that I honestly DO purchase from these companies, but if I can help pay for a bit of my fabric addiction in the midst of sharing my favorite places, it would be good! Ha ha!