Thank you for visiting Mamma Can Do It. These are frequently asked questions that I receive on a regular basis.  I hope that you find them useful, but if you can't find your question, please feel free to contact me.

Pattern Questions

    • What is a PDF pattern

      A PDF pattern is a sewing pattern that is made to be viewed and/or printed on your home computer. All types of computers and most devices can view the pattern. There is a step by step tutorial as well as printable pattern pieces if applicable. 

    • How do I view or print my pattern?

      To view or print the pattern, you will need to have a PDF reader downloaded on your device. For most computers and laptops, this PDF reader is adobe reader. It is a free program available at Many MAC devices use a program that is similar to adobe reader, however, sometimes our patterns do not open properly with this program. We can only recommend opening with adobe acrobat reader.

    • What is required to sew a MammaCanDoIt pattern?

      I always recommend that you read through the pattern first. This gives you a good idea of what you need to do. From there, you need a sewing machine, needle, thread and very very basic sewing skills. All of our patterns are for beginners (unless otherwise specified).

    • Can I sew MammaCanDoIt patterns if I am a beginner?

      As stated above, all of MammaCanDoIt patterns are made easy enough that beginners can have an enjoyable experience sewing too. If it is a more difficult pattern, it will be stated on the pattern description. 

    • Where is the pattern that I purchased?

      After purchase you will receive an email with a download link. If you lose the download link, don't worry. Simply log into your account and click on "purchases". Your download will be waiting for you there as well. There are up to 5 downloads per purchase. If you run out of downloads, let me know so that I can add a few more. The limit is simply to help with file sharing abuse. 

    • It seems like the PDF has information that is missing. What do I do?

      This is the most common issue with viewing PDF documents. This happens when there is an interrupt in the download. You might not even know that it was interrupted! Simply delete the file. Restart your computer (oddly, a very important detail) and download again. Voila! It will show up!
      • Can I get a coupon if I purchase multiple items?

        Unfortunately, I can't always make a coupon specifically per person. However, if you check my Facebook page, or simply sign up to receive our newsletters, you will find that the coupon codes will pour in. 

      • Can I get a special discount if I am doing sewing for missions?

        Always. Always. My heart is for missions. I am honored to help in ways that I can, even if that just means helping you by providing the tools to make things (like sewing patterns). Please contact me about this.

      • Can I get an email when you add new patterns?

        Yes yes yes! Simply sign up for my newsletters, and I'll send you a quick email when I add a new pattern! Many times you can even get a steal of a deal if you are in the first 100 customers who purchase.
        If you follow my Facebook page, you can also get my new patterns in your Facebook news- feed! 

    • Can I sell products made from Mammacandoit patterns?

      Yes. Part of my mission to help others, is providing them with tools to make things for their families (particularly mammas). I encourage parents (not big corporations), who feel confident enough to start a business, to make things to support their families. If you start up an online business, whether on Etsy, or your own online store, I only ask that you add a note that mentions that the design was from my site. I watch my referral sites closely, so when someone asks me if I will make a custom order, I happily refer them to you!

    • Can I sell products made from other Vendors' patterns on this website?

      Maybe. I hand pick the vendors on Most often, their policies resemble mine. However, I recommend asking them directly.

    • Can I sell Mamma Can Do It patterns in my store at wholesale price?

      I love helping you fill your PDF storefront. Contact me if you would like to add my products to your site.
      If you are a brick and mortar store or sewing class, I would be happy to create books and sell them to you at wholesale price. Some of my patterns are already in book form. To view a sample of what that would be like, you can see the ones that I sell on amazon. Wholesale prices are available on a customer to customer basis. They are dependent on how many books you order. 

    • Can I earn money from referring people to Mamma Can Do It?

      Soon! When we get enough people interested in an affiliate program, we will set one up. If this interests you, please contact us with your thoughts on the subject.

    • I have an idea for a pattern, can you make it?

      Sometimes! I love hearing what your needs are. It helps me gauge whether an idea of my own is worth pursuing! Please contact me and let me know if you have a specific need. 

    • Will you make me a custom sewing pattern, to which I own the rights?

      I do this. I love it. If you tell me exactly what you need, I love to create patterns for you specifically. You own the rights to it and can sell it, use it, or whatever you wish. You could even patent it, if it is your desire. It is very affordable. If you want to discuss this with me, feel free to send me a message with your idea.

    • Where Do I buy supplies?
      If the sewing pattern didn't tell you exactly where to buy it, you could try your local fabric store, or order online. I do most of my ordering online, so I made a "supply list" with my favorite online stores for you! View the Supply List Page here.

Physical Products or T-shirts FAQ

It is my desire to add supplies and novelty products, such as t-shirts, to our inventory. However, they will have a few different policies. Since this is a work in progress, if you have a question on a policy, please contact me!