Sew your own pregnancy pillow using this Pregnancy Pillow Pattern! 

Make a pregnancy pillow with a removable nursing pillow. There are so many options with this pregnancy pillow pattern design...you are sure to get comfortable fast!

Watch the informational video for the pregnancy pillow here: 

If you have researched pregnancy pillows, you have seen how expensive they can be. It's hard to spend that kind of cash on something that will only make you comfortable for a short time. However, with this pregnancy pillow pattern, you can make a pregnancy pillow and nursing pillow (with covers) for less then $20! We'll even tell you where to buy the expensive polyester stuffing for cheap! 

This pregnancy pillow pattern design is a pregnancy pillow and nursing pillow pattern with an optional belly support. It's a three piece design that will transform your pregnancy comfort for the better. 

Piece #1: The Pregnancy Pillow

It's an L shaped pillow that hugs the uncomfortable body. It curls through the legs to the opposite side of the body to support both sides. It's incredibly comfortable alone! The pregnancy pillow is narrow enough that your partner can sleep next to you without feeling crowded to the edge of the bed. Image #10 shows how you can sleep with the pregnancy pillow alone.

Piece #2: The Nursing Pillow

It's a C shaped pillow that is the perfect size to place your head into for maximum comfort. You can keep it in the same cover as the pregnancy pillow or remove it with ease so that you can use your typical pillow.Image #7 shows how you can use the nursing pillow.

Piece #3:The Belly Support Pillow

It's a removable half moon shaped pillow that attaches anywhere that you would like to put it for extra support. The support is great for the pregnant belly or the back. In image #2, it shows how easy it is to remove the belly support pillow.

The cover that fits on the pregnancy pillow and nursing pillow is one piece. Both, the pregnancy pillow and a nursing pillow fit inside it perfectly. If you would prefer to use your own pillow, simply remove the head piece (which is also a nursing pillow) and tuck the excess pregnancy pillow cover inside the snazzy (and easy to make) welt pocket for a perfect fit. Image #3 shows the welt pocket. You can also use the cover for a nursing pillow cover by using the welt pocket. However, if you would like to make a separate cover for the nursing pillow, a pattern and detailed instructions are included for this as well!

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Don't feel guilty about giving yourself a good night's sleep. You will sleep more comfortably than you have the entire pregnancy when you start using a pregnancy pillow.

This maternity pillow design is meant for pregnant moms to get more comfortable while sleeping, resting, reading or even lounging on the floor! When pregnancy progresses, it becomes clear that comfort is a thing of the past....not so with a pregnancy pillow. However, this pillow is not only for pregnant mammas. Many people from all over the world use this pregnancy pillow pattern to make a pillow that is comfortable for cancer patience, people with back problems, or simply for better comfort!

Don't worry about overtaking the bed with this pregnancy pillow. The design is meant for sharing a bed with your partner - unlike many LARGE pregnancy pillows available. You will still be able to cuddle next to your sweetie while being completely supported and comfortable with the pregnancy pillow.

This pregnancy pillow pattern is designed to keep your head, upper back, lower back, hips and tummy supported. Get comfortable today and sew your own pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow Pattern and tutorial includes:

  • Printable pattern piece for Pregnancy Pillow
  • Printable pattern piece for Nursing pillow
  • Printable pattern piece for the Pregnancy Pillow Cover
  • Printable pattern piece for the Nursing Pillow cover
  • Printable pattern piece for the Belly Support Pillow and cover
  • Budget friendly ideas to help you save $$ on supplies - make one for next to nothing!
  • Directions Step by step directions with real life images for each step
  • 100% Support from a professional seamstress

 No Serger needed in any tutorial or pattern. 

All pattern pieces are designed to save paper and time. You'll love how you won't have to make multiple trips to the printer!

This is a PDF sewing pattern and tutorial to teach you how to create these garments. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE ANYTHING IN THE MAIL.

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