Looking at the differences of Cloth vs disposable can be a daunting task. Here, you have information regarding cost differences that might blow your mind. Feel free to spend as much time staring at the screen as you need. :) We've all had that "Oh my gosh" moment. 

Cloth Diapers -Cost Approx $120 Once

Depending on the style of diaper you decide on, it could be as little as $120 or as much as $740 if you sew them yourself.

Purchasing cloth diapers premade will cost anywhere from $350-$3256. 

Lets go from a money saving standpoint and look at the cheapest option.
Please also understand that this is per child. If you use cloth on a 2nd and 3rd child, you have just dropped the price down to $40-$246 per child if you sew them yourself. 

One Size Fits All Pocket Diaper (Best on Budget)

What about washing costs?

Disposable Diapers Cost Approx $2120 Per Child

The cost of these were the popular brand price at the local supermarket.
This does not include disposable wipes or gas to the store.

Newborn diapers - Your Cost $62.50

Size 1 - Your Cost $165.50

Size 2 - Your Cost $216

Size 3 - Your Cost $217.50

 Size 4 - Your Cost $200

Size 5 - Your Cost $446.50

Size 6 - 36 weeks

Of course cloth doesn't make sense for everyone...and sewing your own won't either. But if you can manage it, I recommend saving yourself thousands of dollars per child and get sewing!