The Very Best Online Sewing Patterns and How To Tutorials For Your Crafting Needs

Welcome to the my collection of creative and unique Sewing Patterns for babies, toddlers, youth, and women tailored for the do it "yourself'rs"! I am confident that I can satisfy your sewing needs with downloadable PDF sewing patterns.

I don't just sell sewing patterns: I develop budget friendly clothing and diaper sewing solutions for many family needs. Aside from sewing tutorials and sewing patterns, I also offer professional seamstress advice, tips and tricks for your sewing questions. If you cannot stand frustrating instructions, and hard to read pictures in your sewing adventures, please try out some of my free sewing patterns and tutorial previews to get a taste. If you own a sewing machine, serger, or heck even if you borrow one, you will find sewing professional looking products easier with my easy to read instructions and clear 'how-to' pictures. Take advantage of my many hours creating, designing and testing all of these sewing patterns including the diaper patterns, clothing patterns, and household reusable patterns. I focus on the needs of the "DIY'er" with a sewing machine and offer sewing pattern solutions that will not overwhelm a beginner and will impress a professional seamstress.

I offer a reliable choice for your sewing pattern solutions, regardless if you are looking for how to make a diaper, sew a dress, how to sew a onesie, make toy puppet, sew baby clothes, or stitch some boot liners, because I'm a mom and have been in the sewing business for many years. (But we won't actually mention how many :P )