It is hard to find a good toy for your kids to play with these days. It almost seems like with technology, kids forget how to be creative in their playtime. I had researched the best and most cost effective toys to have on hand for my children. They, like most children tend to tire easily and go from game to game or toy to toy without much thought, so I wanted to improve my ‘toy stash’ to make it more interesting, educational and fun for them. After researching many informational sites, I discovered that the best toys for my family (5 children under 5 years old), was puppets!

With such a wide range of ages and learning curves, they are the perfect match! Once I decided that I wanted to add puppets to my arsenal of things for my kids, I soon discovered that I can’t afford them! Puppets are very expensive to purchase outright. To get a set of 5 puppets you are looking to spend anywhere from $30-$100.

I love to sew, so I thought that I would look for free puppets sewing patterns. That was a joke – there were tons of paper bag puppets, and even ideas on how to make sock puppets….but as far as to sew anything, there was nothing that I could find.

Discouraged, I went shopping and purchased one measly puppet for my kids. Soon after, I thought, “if I am looking for puppet patterns, then there has to be someone else out there who is looking for them too!” So I decided to put my brain on turbo mode and create something amazing. What I ended up with were 5 puppets that are super easy to make and they are the most loved toys in the house.


Why would you want to choose puppets as a significant toy in your house?

  1.  They are exceptional toys for all ages! From infants to 8, they are loved and played with FREQUENTLY!
  2. They are excellent for teaching social conversational skills.
  3.  They are perfect for children with conditions such as autism to really work through various issues.
  4. They are a great way to reach out to your children and learn more about who they are and what they are thinking! *Think about it – if you want to know what your child is interested in, start a ‘puppet conversation’ and you will soon find out exactly what peaks their interest!
  5. Puppets are excellent for getting children who might have concentrating conditions such as A.D.D. to pay more attention to learning. Example: Book reading – It may be easier for a child to sit through a short story that is animated with puppets then to sit and look at pages in a book.
  6. They are fun! A kid can be as creative or as silly as they want while playing with puppets! Get those imaginations moving and make some puppets!