When choosing a baby sling carrier, many people can only afford one...so it makes them have to choose between a wide variety of options.

  • On a side note, if you are able to sew, we have a Baby sling sewing pattern package that includes the main 4 types of baby carriers so you won't have to choose...Make them all!

When people start researching baby carriers, they usually come across Ring Slings first. 

About the Ring Sling Baby Carrier

A Ring sling is a baby carrier that is very adjustable. The ring sling is the best sling for nursing in and is what midwives globally recommend the most. A ring sling is different then other types of baby carriers and is well known for the double 'rings' at the shoulder area. These rings adjust the carrier to be fitted to the wearer. There is a 'tail' that usually has a pocket in it and is an excellent conceiler for extra nursing privacy as well as a bit of storage space (for a phone or wallet). The Ring sling does take a bit more getting used to then the pouch or mei tai, but it's worth it if you are out and about during feeding time.

Sometimes the ring sling can be called an 'adjustable sling', or 'mayan sling'. 

About the Mei Tai Baby Carrier

A Mei Tai Baby sling is an Asian inspired baby carrier. They can be worn on the front, back or hips. Mei Tai Slings are well known for their ease of use whenever and wherever you need a baby carrier. Use a Mei tai in the house while cooking & cleaning, at church, or the grocery store! The Mei Tai carries newborn babies up to 35 lbs comfortably! Although it's not as supportive as a wrap, it is very easy to tie. This is the type of carrier that most resembles a structured carrier.

Don't waste your time or money shopping for expensive baby slings,sew a mei tai baby sling in about 30 minutes for as little as $5! 

About the Pouch Sling

A Pouch Baby sling is a baby carrier that was inspired by a ring sling. It is sometimes called a 'native' sling. It is a fitted baby sling that is made to fit your size. There are no rings or tails to worry about and the native sling has the easiest learning curve to use. They are easy to nurse in discretely. Most designs have pockets in the front for little things like keys or a phone.

The Native Pouch Sling can be worn in a plethera of ways - on the back, hips, front AND your baby can sit in it a variety of ways! Use comfortably from a newborn up to 35 lbs. The best place to keep a native sling is in your purse so you'll always have it with you! Use it in the store, church, during chores, walks, or whenever you would be holding your baby.

Our Native Baby Sling sewing pattern includes directions how to make a reversible sling, a one layer sling and a matching doll sling for your toddler! 

About a Wrap Baby Sling

A wrap sling is a baby carrier that is incredibly adjustable. The basic wrap consists of a very long strip of stretchy fabric that is wrapped specifically around the body to be completely supportive. The wrap sling is by far the most comfortable baby carrier that is available in most people's opinion. The wrap sling is the most difficult to nurse in and it takes the longest to get used to tying, it is VERY worth it. 

Sometimes the baby wrap sling can be called a Wraparound or Wrap around sling. It can also be called a Strip Sling. Regardless of the name, this is a sling you HAVE to try.

Our sewing pattern to make your own Baby Wrap Sling is going to be your favorite. There are 3 styles. Make one that you don't even have to sew, or have 1 or 2 seams. Add an additional decorative panel as shown very easily and you will have the best looking baby carrier in town.