one size cloth diaper sewing pattern
one size diaper pattern
Diaper Sewing Pattern | One Size Fits All
cloth diaper sewing pattern
one size diaper pattern
sample of one size diaper pattern
one size cloth diaper sewing pattern
one size diaper pattern
Diaper Sewing Pattern | One Size Fits All
cloth diaper sewing pattern
one size diaper pattern
sample of one size diaper pattern

Diaper Sewing Pattern | One Size Fits All

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Sew a diaper with this one size diaper sewing pattern!

Sewing your own pocket cloth one size diapers is fast and easy. Our one size diaper sewing pattern fits 7-38 lbs. 4 rise adjustments, optional gussets and optional adjustable elastic are all part of this one size diaper sewing pattern. Choose between touch tape (velcro) and snaps for a diaper closure. Helpful hints are included to help you choose fabrics, closure systems, ease of sewing and how to instructions for the diaper sewing pattern.

This One Size Diaper Pattern & Tutorial Includes:

  • Printable pattern pieces (One size from 7-38 lbs)
  • Supply list with helpful hints so that you know exactly what you want before sewing the cloth diaper
  • Helpful hints on how to use virtually any fabric for the one size pocket diaper
  • Directions on how to add snaps or velcro
  • Snaps or velcro placement location on pattern piece
  • Optional ADJUSTABLE elastic to make the cloth diaper fit children even better
  • Optional additional gussets to help hold in messes better
  • Step by step directions with real life images for each step of the one size diaper pattern.
  • Attaching snaps Tips & Tricks
  • Fabric cutting guide so you can make these one size diapers for less then $3.50 a piece.
  • 100% Support from a professional seamstress

Unique Diaper Sewing Pattern:

  • Fits babies from 7-38 lbs
  • Use snaps or velcro
  • Hidden elastic in legs
  • Optional Adjustable hidden elastic
  • Optional Gussets
  • No bulk one size diaper will keep your little one comfortable
  • No Serger needed 

After purchasing this sewing PDF pattern you will get an email with a download link. You can download the sewing pattern anytime from any computer. Our system will store the pattern for you too, so you don't ever have to worry about losing it. PLUS any time we update the baby pants pattern, you will have free access to our updates. YES!

NOW AVAILABLE: Hard Copy Pattern Booklet 

I wanted to help everyone that I could, so I also made a hard copy, one size pocket diaper pattern booklet. This booklet is perfect for those who do not have access to a printer. You get the same, wonderful step by step tutorial, and pattern pieces in the booklet. 

Lisa E.
I made these cloth diapers for my baby girl and am happy with the finished product. The only complaint I have is there is an issue with the snap map. The outer snaps on the wings are mapped to be exactly 1/2" from the edge of the pattern. The seam allowance is 1/2". I found because of this the snap markings disappear into the seam. I therefore, had to create my own snap map. I then decided to switch to velcro closure. This pattern and tutorial is also missing some words and letters. Despite this, I could still follow the pattern easily and love the finished product. I made my diapers with all of the options and love how adjustable they are!
Crystal W.
I have made 2 of these diapers so far and I Love them. They were easy to sew and a great fit for my granddaughter!!
Christopher S.
My Wife and I jokingly call this project "Daddy can do it too". I found this pattern very easy to follow, any issues are all on me. I can not speak for how well they can"do the do" but I have confidence the diapers will work just fine. Everyone who see these comment on how well designed they are, especially the sizing buttons. Excellent Pattern Elizabeth! -Chris Daddy to be.
Maureen B.
The directions were very simple to follow. My only suggestion is about the wording about the snaps. Perhaps the words "Cap of snap should be on the shiny vs dull side. " Other than that I enjoyed making the diaper for my grandson. I didn't use the elastic adjustments but I thin I will when I make more diapers this week. I will load the picture as soon as I get it from my phone to my lap top. I am looking forward to making more now that I have worked through the first. I have tried other patterns but this one was easiest.