Make contoured & flat nursing pads with this easy Nursing Pad Sewing Pattern.

Breast pads can get expensive. Actually...they ARE expensive. Sew your own nursing pads fast and easily for as low as..$0 using this fast and easy nursing pad pattern! In this nursing pad sewing pattern you'll find ways to make contoured or flat breast pads that are made with fancy fabrics such as PUL, but you'll also find ideas on how to make nursing pads for free! Start saving our earth and minimizing your carbon footprint by using re-usable breast pads made from this nursing pad sewing pattern. They can be worn at home or away! Don't worry about them showing through your shirt with the contoured design. Do you have heavy "let downs"? This nursing pad sewing pattern will teach you how to make breast pads that are suited to your needs! No bulk design. They'll fit you perfectly regardless of how large or small your breasts are. Make a pair in 10 minutes including cutting!

This Nursing Pad sewing pattern & tutorial Includes

  • Fabric recommendations
  • Optional PUL for leakproof design of nursing pad
  • Super easy to read and follow nursing pad sewing pattern tutorial
  • Budget friendly ideas to help you save money on supplies
  • Printable nursing pad pattern pieces that you can print from your home printer
  • 2 nursing pad sizes for a perfect fit for any breast size
  • 2 nursing pad designs - either flat or contoured nursing pads
  • Step by step directions with real life images for each step
  • 100% Support from a professional seamstress

No serger required!

This is a PDF sewing pattern and tutorial to teach you how to create these garments. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE ANYTHING IN THE MAIL.

After purchasing this sewing PDF pattern you will get an email with a download link. You can download the sewing pattern anytime from any computer. Our system will store the pattern for you too, so you don't ever have to worry about losing it. PLUS any time we update the baby pants pattern, you will have free access to our updates. YES!

Easy Nursing Pad...

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