Make your own fabric necklace for babies with this necklace sewing pattern and tutorial. 

DIY fabric necklace with options and are easy to do!

Looking for a beautiful necklace that your baby can wear? Are you trying to match her handmade outfit perfectly? Look no more!

This fabric necklace pattern has everything you are looking for. It's easy, it's not a choking hazzard because all of the 'beads' are enclosed. Learn how to do this design quickly and effortlessly. You'll have your first necklace in 10 minutes!

Use this baby fabric necklace sewing pattern to make any a child size or adult size. The adult size is a perfect addition to any outfit, plus it doubles as a teething necklace tutorial! 

All steps are written clearly with a detailed photograph for each step in our easy to use tutorial! 

Sewing Level: Beginner! 

This Fabric Necklace Pattern Includes:

  • Directions for a child size necklace. Great for babies or toddlers
  • Directions for an adult size fabric necklace. Great for teething babies!
  • Sewing instructions
  • Helpful sewing hints & tips throughout the tutorial
  • Step by step directions with real life images for each step
  • 100% Support from a professional seamstress

This is a PDF sewing pattern and tutorial to teach you how to create these garments. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE ANYTHING IN THE MAIL.

Fabric Necklace Pattern

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