Make Cloth Postpartum Pads With This Reusable Postpartum Pad Pattern!

After a woman has a baby (postpartum), she needs quite a bit more flow protection than normal. Not only is postpartum flow protection expensive, but most pads are not even practical for the “gush” that happens. By choosing reusable cloth postpartum pads, you avoid chemically infused materials against your most sensitive area, you will have a pad that is adequate to handle your flow postpartum, you will have a soft and comfortable pad against your sensitive skin AND you will save an incredible amount of money.
This postpartum pad pattern is a 3 part system to give you all the protection you need after having a baby. 

The Postpartum Pad Shell Pattern:

This postpartum pad shell is designed to keep either disposable or cloth pads in place during the first week after a baby is born. This is the most 'messy' time for a new mom. During this time, you will find that the gussets of the shell keep the “gush” moments in place without fear of soiling clothing. There is a built in pocket for putting a baggy full of crushed ice, a snap for holding a cloth insert into place (if you choose to use cloth), and double snaps with three size settings for keeping the shell attached to your panties. 
The postpartum pad shell is designed to be washed in the washing machine when soiled, however – you should get many pad changes out of one pad shell. Simply unsnap the insert if using cloth, or remove the disposable pad. Wipe the pad shell with toilet paper if there is anything on it and add a clean insert or pad. This saves time, cost and patience. 
Postpartum shell pattern Includes (use with cloth or disposable pads)
  • Snapped wings with 3 size adjustments
  • Gussets

The Postpartum Shell Insert Pattern:

This shell insert (the soaker) is to be used with a shell. It does not have a waterproof layer so it is important that it snaps into the shell to stay into place. If this insert is made with recommended fabrics it can hold up to 8 ounces of fluid – this absorbency is double the leading disposable overnight maxi pads. The recommended soft fabric gives your sensitive skin a break from harsh disposable pads. 
Postpartum shell insert pattern (perfect fit for the shell)
  • Snap in insert stays in place
  • Holds 8 oz of fluid

The AIO (all in one) Postpartum Pad Pattern :

When the first week postpartum is over, blood flow slows down considerably. This is the time to switch to an 'overnight' pad. The AIO postpartum pad makes it easy to switch! 
The AIO postpartum pad has the absorbency and leakproofness built right in. It has wings that have double snaps with three size settings for keeping the pad attached to your panties and in place. If you choose to use the recommended fabrics, the AIO postpartum pad will hold up to 4 oz of fluid. This is the same absorbency as the leading disposable brand, yet MUCH more soft and comfortable. When your postpartum flow is over, simply use these pads for heavy days or overnight.
AIO postpartum pad pattern (also doubles as an overnight pad)
  • Snapped wings with 3 size adjustments
  • Holds 4 oz of fluid

Machine requirements: Optional serger and/or sewing machine.

What's Included: *Please Note: This is a PDF Sewing Pattern. You will not recieve anything in the mail.

  • Color Coded No Trim Pattern Pieces in these formats:
    • 8.5 X 11 US Letter
    • A4
    • A0 (Copy Shop)
    • Projector File
  • Imperial Measurements
  • Step-by-step Sewing Instructions with detailed pictures to help you understand the steps.
  • Fabric suggestions & supply list
  • Budget friendly fabric & notion ideas
  • Cutting charts to get the most out of fabric
  • Helpful sewing hints & tips throughout the tutorial 
  • Tricks on how to sew recommended fabrics, using snaps & places to buy supplies for best prices

Helpful Links

  • I have a short video on the easiest way to fix frustrations that we all have with slippery PUL fabrics or knits.  Click here to view the video.
  • I keep my personal Supply List Page updated with my favorite fabrics and places to purchase. Check it out before looking on your own!

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    Postpartum Pad Pattern

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