Learn how to make a toy hammock with this toy hammock pattern!

Making a toy hammock is easy. This is not the kind of hammock that hangs in the corner of the room. This is the type of hammock that hangs on a crib or bed. They have been called crib toy bags, or stuffed animal bags. The toy hammock works great for hanging on bunk beds to store personal items in large families or college scenarios too. They are very cute and versitle.

Hang the toy hammock on a bed or even make a wall hanging toy hammock. Use it for stuffed animal organization or for bedside books. You can also hang one of these toy hammocks on the backseat of any van or suv for some car organization.  Options are endless.

It's really easy to learn how to make a toy hammock. The tutorial and directions in this pattern are easy and perfect for a beginner. Don't spend $50 on a premade toy bag when you can make one for next to nothing yourself! In the tutorial there are some great budget friendly ideas so that you can make these for cheap or free.

By using this toy hammock sewing pattern, you can make a great baby shower gift! You'll love how one of these organizers helps to tie in a nursery. It is completely reversible, so you can have two looks in one when you want to change it up a bit. 

The finished hammock is 28" wide and 13.5" tall. The pocket is 10" deep.

Beginner level sewing project.

This Sewing Pattern & Tutorial Includes

  • Fabric recommendations for purchased fabric
  • Budget friendly ideas to help save money 
  • Step by step directions with real life images for each step
  • 100% Support from a professional seamstress
  • Toy hammock pattern pieces that are printable from a home printer. They are to scale, so no "resizing" is necessary.
  • Multiple hints and tricks from a professional to help you sew something beautiful the first time!
  • Very easy to follow directions for beginners

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Toy Hammock Pattern

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