Sew a diaper with this one size, fitted diaper sewing pattern!

This is the very best diaper design to use with a front loader washing machine as everything opens up to get the cleanest. No more doing 5 load cycles to rinse your diapers.

This one size, fitted diaper pattern fits 7-38 lbs. I like to use a snappi or pins to close the wings to be more versatile and faster to make. Each diaper will literally only take 8-10 minutes to make. 

For a free video of how simple this diaper is to make, see the video here:
How to sew a fitted cloth diaper

This fitted diaper pattern pairs perfectly with my cloth diaper cover pattern. It's a no fuss, one size, fast to put together, wipe-able cover that you'll entirely love!

This One Size, Fitted Diaper Pattern & Tutorial Includes:

  • Printable pattern pieces (One size from 7-38 lbs)
  • Supply list with helpful hints so that you know exactly what you want before sewing the cloth diaper
  • Step by step directions with real life images for each step of the one size diaper pattern.
  • 100% Support from a professional seamstress

Unique Diaper Sewing Pattern:

  • Fits babies from 7-38 lbs
  • Hidden elastic in legs
  • No bulk one size diaper will keep your little one comfortable
  • No Serger needed 

This is my very favorite diaper, of all time. Hands down. I have tested multiple different types and have many sewing patterns available on my website. By far, this diaper and matching cover are the best option for any cloth diapering family. Because they are made with recycled t-shirts, they are more economical and earth friendly. Because they are fitted, you use less covers (the expensive and more time consuming to sew part).

The recycled t-shirts don’t fray, so it saves incredible time by not finishing all the edges.

Having a front-loading washing machine has been challenging to my cloth diapering adventures. This diaper design is intended for the ultimate clean. The diaper inserts come out, so they get the cleanest that they could possibly get. Having a separate cover means that the cover doesn’t need to be washed as often and will last the longest of any other diaper that I’ve tried. This diaper design entirely solves the dilemma of the front loader.

I use a snappi as a closure on this diaper so that it’s easy to use for any size, from newborn to toddler. You could easily use pins, or add velcro/snaps to the diaper. I didn’t add snaps or velcro because it takes more time to put together.
As a home-schooling mamma of many children, I am always looking for ways to save money. More importantly, I need to save time. This diaper pattern is the answer. It takes about 8-10 minutes per fitted diaper to make. An entire stash of 20 one size, fitted diapers and 6 One Size covers will take approximately 7-8 hours to make, and a total cost of less than $50.

Because I know this pattern is going to help thousands of families save time and money, I wanted to share it with you . ..My highest priority with my business is to help families. I can’t wait to hear how this has helped yours. Please send me your feedback! I can’t wait for you to love this design as much as I do!

After checking out, this pattern will be available to download from your account. Enjoy!

This is a PDF sewing pattern and tutorial to teach you how to create these garments. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE ANYTHING IN THE MAIL.

Fitted Diaper Pattern...

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